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Is that too much to ask?

Sometimes when I get an email, it’s a short and simple one, and I can read all I need to just from the notification. And yet, the only options that notification gives me is to open the email or start typing a reply to it. Shouldn’t there be a “mark as read” button there? Same for instant messaging notifications. Don’t make me switch to a different context for that!

When I write a message on a microblogging website, I want to be able to see the amount of characters I’ve used. When a new song starts playing, I want the notification to contain metadata I find interesting. When I configure a VPN connection, I want to be able to set trusted networks where it isn’t used, without jumping through a million hoops. When I copy an image, I want to be able to paste it wherever I damn well please.

These can’t be that difficult. Really.
~ Fang

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