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Enough kids’ glue can make anything look good.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it isn’t really the aesthetic itself that matters. You need to go with the one that best fits your story, or most conveniently accentuates your world. It is important that you stick with it though! That thing they always say about committing to your choices? That goes for style, too.

I’ve noticed that, when I consume media, I only actively filter for style during the opening moments. After that, all my attention goes to making sure what I’m seeing or reading is at least somewhat aesthetically similar to what has passed earlier. If it is, it continues to be great. If it isn’t, that’s a quick kick off my priorities list.

Probably relates to the internal consistency that’s so important to worldbuilding. Stories need frameworks, too!
~ Fang


  • 30/12/2017 (4:49 PM)

    I do this a lot. If an author has a great writing voice, I’ll follow it anywhere, even if there’s not a lot in the way of plot.

    On the other hand, even a good story can get lost for me if it the author just plunges ahead in a way anyone could do it.

    Is that style over substance? I don’t know. It probably comes from my being so music-based for years, where an interesting texture can keep my attention longer than a great melody.

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