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Or, well, the year in which I voluntarily inject dog into my body to make me stronger.

I had an appointment at some faraway hospital today. They had done some analysis of a blood sample I gave them, and now was the time to discuss my options with the responsible doctor. Options for what? Finally getting rid of my dog allergy, of course! Spoiler: yes, I’m actually going to go through with it, but the ride might get a bit bumpy.

He kindly pointed out the expected research results to me: I’m allergic to a lot of shit. Dogs, cats, grasses, trees, fruits, even molds apparently. Treating someone with only two or three allergies for a specific one has a very fair 90-95% success rate. He said he wouldn’t want to give a similar estimate to my terrible case.

What’s more, “taking away” any one allergy may cause symptoms for any number of others to increase. It’s not guaranteed by any means, but a possibility to keep in mind. That doesn’t scare me that much though. Hay fever is only barely noticeable for me right now, and all others I try to avoid when I can already.

So, I start immunotherapy early next year. First I’ll be spending entire days in a row in the hospital, just so they can keep an eye on my in case of severe reactions. After a week we’ll start tapering down to slightly less frequent visits. In the beginning I’ll have to avoid exposing myself to intense levels of triggers, which will make visiting friends a bit more difficult.

I’m still calling worth on it all though. But maybe I should find out if my insurance actually covers this or not.
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  • 09/12/2017 (2:34 PM)

    I have read that allergies are basically the result of one’s immune system over-reacting to a stimulus. In other words, the body senses pollen or something and starts flipping out trying to jump start the immune system to it, causing problems.

    It makes sense, then, that cutting one allergy would lead to the others getting worse.

    I was sick a while back and to try and fix me, they gave me an experimental infusion that included something from mice. When asked about it, I always said “They shot me full of ground-up mice.”

    My doctor said I wasn’t understanding, exactly, but I was adamant.

    • 09/12/2017 (10:11 PM)

      So, are you part mouse now? That’s how this works, right?

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