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What delightful anguish

Man, this year sure was a ride, wasn’t it?

A lot happened, that’s for sure. Where do I even begin? I suppose chronological order is the only logical option here. I wrapped up my graduation internship at the start of the year, and did so well enough to actually graduate! Out of the frying pan I was, and into the fire of “the real world” I went. It didn’t live up to my hopes and dreams though, and Urbit was still there… So only like a month or two after starting, I quit my steady job to work for some crazy startup!

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It’s been only a few weeks, and I’m already starting to get used to typing on the new keyboard. Amazing!

I have no idea how people manage to properly touch-type on keyboards with staggered rows. Having spent some time with an ortholinear layout, which puts the keys in a grid, keeping your hands above home-row makes so much more sense on it! Thinking about key positions and the ways in which to bend your fingers is no longer an actually difficult task. Not having to do that bending in the first place relieves you of so much physical stress.

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Enough kids’ glue can make anything look good.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it isn’t really the aesthetic itself that matters. You need to go with the one that best fits your story, or most conveniently accentuates your world. It is important that you stick with it though! That thing they always say about committing to your choices? That goes for style, too.

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What happens to all those abandoned worlds, where there’s no one to turn their gears anymore.

There is a strange sense of loss to be felt for all the times when a writer has stopped pushing a story forward. Be this a completed story or not, or even a more broad worldbuilding project. Their creator has forsaken them, left them to experience a very finite timeline until forever.

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Never ever do things just like work, do they?

My phone is having one of its dramatic episodes again. It just won’t stop restarting itself after a few minutes of operation. And it gets hot doing this too! Surely that can’t be good. The issue doesn’t occur in safe mode, so it’s pretty much guaranteed some third party thing is wreaking havoc… but what?

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