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05 11 17


I feel like I’ve gotten better at League over the past few months.

Because voice-comms are fun, effective, and add a layer of intensity to the gameplay, I rarely ever play solo these days. Actually, I can count the amount of times I’ve played without friends since my return from the States on one hand. That’s also alluding to the fact that I don’t actually play any matches on the competitive ladder, so I have no way to measure my skill, but I feel like it’s gotten better.

And yet, when I’m not able to vocally touch base with people I’m playing with, that falls apart. In having to communicate about the situation with my friends, I’m forced to take all details into consideration. Availability of my skills, positioning of enemies, resources, dangers, plans of attack. If I get to keep silent about that — typing is obviously not a solution — then much less thought goes towards those things. And in battle, taking less variables into account can easily turn your calculated victory into a sudden defeat.

I guess I really should just be talking to myself if I ever play solo again. Force myself into the mindset that looks for things to communicate, that takes everything into account and seeks opportunities while doing so. That mindset that’s confident in its ability to build a win.

Or, you know, just get stronger mentally rather than relying on a crutch like this.
~ Fang

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