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21 11 17


After a very long silence, Gorillaz finally released a fresh new album this year.

It’s actually very different from their old style. Much more electronic and a stronger focus on heavy beats. Still recognizable as them, but people from the past wouldn’t have believed you. In any case, you don’t just come back from the dead and continue to stay hidden. No, you need to do a world tour of course! So guess what I’m going to be seeing tonight.

Tickets for their show in Amsterdam were sold out instantly, as one might expect. But a good friend of mine managed to score some through a “second-hand” ticket site. For popular shows such as these, they’re basically just resale markets though. Still, I’m glad it has allowed us to go seem them live anyway. It’s bound to be a good show!

Leave your puns about monkey business at the door, please.
~ Fang


  • 22/11/2017 (5:02 AM)

    Aren’t they a cartoon band? Do the musicians play under a giant screen of the cartoon?

    • 22/11/2017 (2:09 PM)

      Yeah, it’s like two dudes and a bunch of live performers. They had the cartoon music videos playing in the background, yeah!

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