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Oh man, video games are so cool.

Spent the larger part of today playing local co-op or versus video games with a friend. The variety of games that’s available in that space these days is amazing, it’s truly making a comeback. Playing that many different games gives you a good view of where each other’s strengths lie, which makes for really interesting competition.

Depending on the type of gameplay that’s involved, either of us may perform better or worse. In some cases, one of us totally crushes the other. It’s that bad matchup, when you’re playing a game you’re bad at, yet they’ve nearly mastered it. Even just the difference in game-sense can be a killer.

Maybe there’s something be learned by looking at your opponent’s skills. Find out what they do best, and focus on bringing that to the ground. Take away their advantage. …Well, that works for strategy games and not much else. Sometimes you just need to get good.

Games are definitely fun sports to play casually though.
~ Fang

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