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16 11 17

The deets

It’s all about the little thing, man.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with a browsing experience as I have been with the past full day of Firefox. Performance is great, and Tree Style Tabs are an absolute gamechanger: not just vertical tabs, but vertical nestable tabs. Lists can’t be cluttered, right?

There’s still a few tiny things though, little imperfections that throw me off. Rendering on form elements that aren’t the default size is absolutely hideous, some web apps seem to not work for some reason, and a lot of extensions just aren’t available for Firefox.

And for some reason uBlock Origin has stopped blocking Youtube ads? Haven’t seen those in years, but ran into one today. Very jarring. I’m hoping it’s because I recently put it into medium mode for more fine-grained blocking, and that I just have to configure it right. If it’s a browser-related thing, I’ll probably keep Chrome around for browsing Youtube with.

But hey, all of the above can hopefully be fixed, so I’m not let down yet!
~ Fang

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