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07 11 17


Twitter is becoming even more of a fucking garbage dump than it already is.

Even if you don’t use the platform, you’ve surely heard of its gimmick, right? 140 characters or less per message. Never more, that’s Too Long™. And you know what? It works. It forces people to be brief and to the point, or to get creative with their writing skills. Nothing’s stopping them from creating huge threads of reply-chained messages, but these are pretty rare. Overall, messages are easy to parse.

But get this, Too Long™ is apparently Not Long Enough™ now. Some users are now getting access to messages that are allowed to be up to 280 whopping characters. From what I’ve seen of them, this kills everything that made the format as nice as it was. Forget being able to quickly scan the contents your feed, you now have chunks of text over three lines long to sift through!

It sounds like a minor thing. After all, what’s one more sentence, you lazy millennial? I’ll tell you: it’s the difference between the rapid-fire content posting and consumption that has worked so well for the platform all these years, and a slow slog through increasingly complex whine-posts.

I don’t come to Twitter to read paragraphs!
~ Fang


  • 08/11/2017 (4:02 AM)

    I don’t use twitter very effectively. I mean, I read it, but don’t tweet much.

    Tonight, I heard the change to 280 characters described as “Like changing the format of haiku.”

    Not sure I agree with that, but I always figured the idea is that if something needed more than the bare minimum, you linked to an article.

    Oh well.

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