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09 11 17

Pulling it in

So much hype, and a little bit nervous!

Back when I started my trial period working on Urbit, I got assigned the task: “take this chat application we have, and split the frontend and backend apart”. “Sure, give me like two weeks.” I said. Now, nearly eight months later, this grand project is about to move onto the live network! Of course, that “split it” turned into “split it and completely rework this”, not to mention a bunch of other oft-requested features, tweaks and improvements. It adds up…

But today I submitted the pull request, and if this is judged to integrate as nicely into the code as my testing has shown, then we can ship the brand new generic messaging bus and chat application with the next big release! It’s great to finally get this into the hands of the people. We’ve been collectively hyping it up for months now, because “capital letters”, “emoji support” and “>64 character messages”.

Yeah, we’ve been chatting fairly primitively until now. It’s worked though, and already miles ahead of anything IRC ever offered. This brand-spankin’-new version is also going to have much better federation, it’ll finally be easy and effective to spread the load of a busy channel across multiple hosts.

If it falls over, it’s my head that rolls! But at least things are easily patchable over the air.
~ Fang


  • 13/11/2017 (6:26 PM)

    I’ve boarded the hype train, and I’m ready to ride this thing off into the sunset or straight into the side of a mountain. Go brave or go home!

  • 10/11/2017 (2:07 PM)

    I hope it works out well of course. You’ve spent a long time putting it all together so I’m sure it’ll go great.

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