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08 11 17


The adventure doesn’t continue until next month, but it’s something!

I mentioned before how I’m going to embark on a quest to get my dog allergies fixed. Today marked part one of the first act in that journey. After seeking out a hospital that’s actually willing to treat people with non-life-threatening allergies, I got in touch and set up an appointment. They’re gonna do some research on my specific case, and then we’ll discuss my options and decide what the best course of action is. To get that research done, I went over and let them suck some of the blood out of my veins!

No more than five minutes in the hospital, and I was out again. It was nice to see things going swiftly and smoothly like that for a change, I’ve had hospital visits where the wait was significantly longer. Here though, the forty-minute commute to get there (and another forty to get back) took up the majority of my time. At least it didn’t eat up half a day.

They took a big ol’ vial of my blood in for research. I’m hoping it turns up something good, already looking forward to my December visit!
~ Fang

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