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04 11 17


Put me behind a computer, and almost everything is at least twice as enjoyable.

We all know about e-learning, right? It’s cheesy, sure, but it also works. It can give you an environment in which you can do rapid-fire do-overs while all the organizing and even stat-keeping is done for you. It’s literally study-assistance. That’s cool, and there’s still many interesting things to be done in that space. But, knowing of its existence, not incorporating it makes me fall asleep.

I can’t sit myself down at my desk with a stack of flash cards and just work through them. For some reason, I just can’t bring up the discipline to make the things and review them and actually check myself strictly. Ask me to do flash cards on the computer though, and it becomes a fucking addiction.

It’s zero effort to jump in. It computes the rules for you, all you have to bother with is the actual studying and answering. If you get an answer wrong, it actually busts your balls over it. It’s infinitely better than the physical, self-enforced thing. Physical flashcards feel like a waste of time in comparison.

Hell, it’s so good, sitting down to do it is actually easy.
~ Fang

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