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20 11 17

Just for sales

Because the sales bring the money in.

And sales are traditionally held on Black Friday. But why wait, when you can just say “Black Friday has already begun!” a week in advance and slap modest sale prices on everything you want to clear your stock off? And don’t you dare take those stickers off before at least Wednesday the week after, because we still have Cyber Monday to worry about!

I genuinely wonder how much profit corps would miss out on if Black Friday didn’t exist. So many people going out to buy so many things they otherwise wouldn’t have bought. Hell yeah it’s a great deal, but were you really planning to buy five TVs to begin with?

But hey, I’m going to be hunting for sweet deals for my home office setup which has been in need of expansion for a little while, so I maybe shouldn’t be complaining.
~ Fang


  • 21/11/2017 (2:54 AM)

    I should pay more attention to sales. I don’t generally get things (other than books, food, and music albums) that I don’t need, but… I could spend a lot less money than I do if I paid some attention.

    Like sales.

    Good luck with the home office expansion!

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