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You did a thing, but what were you trying to do?

Way back when during my time in the States, I fantasized about the first real Urbit video game. I fantasized about it so hard, a functional prototype for its fixed-timeline map of space sprung into existence. It was good. But that was it. An interesting problem had been solved, nothing more.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has seen some hype in recent days, and it has reinvigorated me on the Alien Crossing (working title) adventure. I read some complaints from people that everything in Alien Crossing takes long to do, since you gotta walk all over the place. And that’s fair criticism for a mobile game.

Alien Crossing’s going to be a desktop-first kind of game though, but I have to wonder if flying your spaceship all over the place is really that fun an experience. Of course the void of space will hold events, but can I make those engaging enough to make travel not tedious? I want to include auto-pilot, but will that make it more like a “wait x amount of time so we can make this part of your routine” kind of feature? Travel-events should be worth doing, I guess.

It’s not even a competitive game, and yet there’s so many balance issues to work out.
~ Fang

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