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02 11 17

Heated issue

Contrary to what the title may have you believe, this isn’t about politics.

My phone’s struggling. Sporadically, it loses its ability to show me the task management screen. Every time that happens, without fail, it slowly heats up, grinds to a halt, and then reboots itself. Probably because it was panicking. And I can sympathize with that, I’m panicking too!

Okay, maybe panicking is too big a word for this, but I definitely don’t feel comfortable with the situation. I can’t seem to find out what exactly is triggering this, let alone where the root cause lies. It’s even happened after booting into the device’s Safe Mode! Go figure.

It’s time to make a very thorough backup and wipe the thing clean, I guess. There’s a lot more digging I could to to try and uncover what’s really going on here, but that’s gonna take me too much time and effort. A clean install and full restore should be done within an hour — fingers crossed — so that seems like the more reasonable option.

Also gives me the chance to upgrade some old software and clean up some junk.
~ Fang


  • 03/11/2017 (4:22 PM)

    Sounds like maybe you just need an entirely new phone.

    • 03/11/2017 (5:16 PM)

      I wholeheartedly hope it isn’t actually a hardware issue.

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