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We sure are getting tired of things, aren’t we?

It’s a blessed world we get to live in, where tomorrow is always so very different from yesterday. And yet, people seem to be struggling to get used to that rate of change. Maybe it’s my generational perspective, but it seems like increasingly younger people are adapting modern technologies and then getting tired of them. Everything about it all is so incredibly unstable: before you know it, everyone’s moved to the next alternative.

The social media giants of today are fairly unmovingly situated, which helps us see that the complete opposite of rapid change — slow decline — isn’t any good either. We haven’t yet made things that can last. A cast iron pan from the nineties can still be used today. An account for some old software, not so much. Surely you’d be eager to give up after learning to ride ten different bikes, but each time stopping before you actually got good?

Tired of change. Tired of stagnation. But they both need to happen. They just need to happen in the right way.
~ Fang


  • 12/11/2017 (1:59 PM)

    I’m generally behind the curve a bit – I wait to see what is going to actually last past the initial 6 months.

    Of course, once I move on or upgrade, I’d like to think I catch on quickly and never look back.

    But I’m an old guy. As you say here, my relationship to technology is never going to be what people even 10 years younger than me is.

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