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I believe it was half a year ago, there was a time where keeping up with all the Urbit chat activity was impossible.

It was just too busy, just too much scrollback generated throughout the night. No way you could get through it all during your short commute to work. Those were interesting, exciting times. As they still are today, of course, but activity seems to have shifted away from chat a bit.

Instead, I’m starting to have a difficult time keeping track of all the things being worked on by colleagues and contributors alike. I have some vague ideas on what parts of the system are in motion right now, but diving in to every single thing seems like it’ll take me a lot of time.

Of course, my perspective on that would probably be a bit milder if I had learned more about the lower layers already. They’re supposedly not that complicated, and I’m inclined to believe that. Just haven’t taken the time to touch them yet is all. Still good to know they’re continuing to move forward though.

The Auteur is about to hand the language over to a team strengthened by the community. What a time to be alive!
~ Fang

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