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Christmas can’t come soon enough.

I briefly mentioned upgrading my home office setup before. Well, all of my sweet new gear has been ordered! Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it all to arrive. And surprise, surprise, that’s the worst part! The monitor should be here sometime next week, the laptop stand a bit earlier probably. The keyboard though? Up to three weeks.

Of course, they still have to assemble the thing for me and then send it over all the way from Taiwan of all places. It’s the thing I’m most excited about, and a fairly crucial part of my new setup. I mean, I could dig up an old external keyboard and make that work for the time being, but it just won’t be the same.

So I’ll be sitting by my front door for the foreseeable future, eagerly awaiting mailmen to swipe the packages away from, to get them those few precious seconds sooner. Once I get my grabby hands on the things, the fun can really start!

Unless, you know, shipping and handling messes up.
~ Fang


  • 28/11/2017 (5:28 AM)

    Congrats. I hope it’s what you dreamed.

    Looking forward to the arrival of something new can be half the fun.

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