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19 11 17

Do not

I sure can tell it’s Sunday today.

“Yes, plenty of free time today. Let’s do leisure activities x and y in between working on serious activity z.” I proceeded to do exactly none of those things. Instead, I opted to wander aimlessly around my house, surf aimlessly around the web, and just be kind of a bum in general. And it wasn’t even all hard work I wanted to do!

Which is kind of concerning, if you think about it. I didn’t even do the genuinely fun and easy things I wanted to do today. That may go beyond motivation issues into the territory of lethargy. Do I even actually care about what I do anymore? I like to think I do, but my actions say otherwise. What is my purpose, when not working?

But hey, it’s Sunday, so I really shouldn’t be worrying about it too much. Got a good week coming up anyway.
~ Fang

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