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The fuck is that?
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I just realized I missed the chance to title yesterday’s post “back to the fast”.

That’s not important though, because I have something much worse to confess. It brings me great pain to write these words, but I guess this is also the first step towards my salvation. To put it simply, I am not a very tidy person. Left to my own devices, I don’t regularly clean things up. Clutter accumulates, and “eh no big deal” turns into “too big, won’t deal”. This happens in both digital and physical worlds. The latter is a slightly larger problem.

It’s been painfully obvious all this time. Not that I never knew this. I just never worded it quite that way, never forced myself to come to terms with that reality. And it isn’t like my room is a garbage dump either. I can still see almost the entire floor (furniture doesn’t count) and like half of my desk. But on the shelves, in the drawers… junk just piles up.

At least I know I don’t ever bother to sort it all out. That’s a good first step, right?
~ Fang

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