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Digging it up

Or: how never throwing data away, even old backups, will save your ass one day.

I’m keeping a list of interesting articles, comments and discussions that have one very special thing in common: Urbit is their solution, the thing they’re looking for, the change they want to see in the world. It’s the coolest little list, both worrisome that it can exist, and inspiring that people are actually talking about the issues. Today, I wanted to add another item to that list. But I couldn’t, it was nowhere to be found.

Only vaguely did I recall every saving the thing somewhere, but it wasn’t in my “txt_ideas” folder, which is where I keep pretty much all plain-text notes. A system-wide search couldn’t reveal its location either. Worse, backups didn’t seem to have the thing either. Was is truly gone? Where did I mess up?

Ah, but I still had a last resort stowed away somewhere! So lucky I remembered, so smart I still had it: a clone of my hard drive from before the clean install. And what do you know? There it was, easily found. Apparently I hadn’t saved it, and so it got lost among temporary files when I manually picked-and-chose what to bring over into the new system.

So, uh, save your files kids. Unsaved untitled document 17 will never be safe! Backups may or may not save you.
~ Fang

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