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Christ, I hate my job sometimes.

Imagine you’re working on your bike, and suddenly its wheels are super squeaky. Loud enough to be heard from a couple blocks down. You’re not gonna ride around with a squeaky-ass bike, so you set out to find the source of the squeaking and fix it. Turns out, they only make noise when you’re in, say, third gear or something. Even though that doesn’t affect the axes of your wheels at all!

You go back and forth, tweaking different nuts and bolts, checking whether the problem stays stuck on just the third gear, or has been resolved altogether. Nothing seems to work, except for not using one of your gears. That won’t do!

So you continue working. And suddenly it’s gone! No more squeaky wheel! It didn’t even have to get the grease. But how did it stop squeaking without grease? Why was it only in the third gear, what was causing it? Your problem’s gone, but who knows, the underlying cause may still be there.

You wasted your day on a thing that solved itself, and only god knows how or why. Now imagine that for something slightly more complex than a bike. And imagine that thing being a crucial cog in a machine that’ll be dealing with very valuable assets one day.

And now imagine that this happens all the fucking time.
~ Fang

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