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It’s almost Friday already, damn.

I realize that for my American readers that doesn’t really mean much this week. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, may your dinners be long and comfy and your weekend even more so! Here in the Netherlands, we don’t observe it though. Except one city apparently, but I haven’t even heard people talk about it. That means my workweek is just as long as usual!

They don’t feel long though. By the time it’s Thursday night and I’m writing the blog post for the day, I’m usually surprised to see that it’s pretty much Friday already. The weeks don’t feel like a slog, maybe because I’m not looking forward to the weekend right off the bat on Monday morning.

Not to say I don’t have a fun weekend to look forward to, and not to say work doesn’t get tiring sometimes, but the balance and flow feel good enough for me to not really care what day of the week it is. The days start blending together in just the right way. Comfy, not confusing. Makes me appreciate calendars more though.

Thankful for the times being good.
~ Fang

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