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26 11 17

Adaptable flow

As you jump around from tool to tool, how much of your workflow do you really retain?

I was originally going to write about all the small little details that Chrome actually got right that make moving back to Firefox slightly more painful than it needs to be. And I guess that sort of applies to the real topic here, when one of those details is the way in which backspacing auto-completing URLs works. It’s no longer just two quick presses for my most common edit, it’s three! And that trips me up.

So that’s a part of my browsing flow that needs some revising. Am I content with pressing backspace one more time? Does it take me a while to relearn that into muscle memory? Or should I find a way to improve this part of the UI? How much time will that take me?

You quickly reach a point where it’s way inefficient to re-calibrate things do adapt to your workflow. Our minds are much more malleable, so you’re probably better off changing your workflow instead. And why not use that as an opportunity to also address any issues you’ve found with it?

My new keyboard’s getting assembled, should be here in max three weeks. It’s going to be a journey.
~ Fang

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