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30 11 17

Digging it up

Or: how never throwing data away, even old backups, will save your ass one day.

I’m keeping a list of interesting articles, comments and discussions that have one very special thing in common: Urbit is their solution, the thing they’re looking for, the change they want to see in the world. It’s the coolest little list, both worrisome that it can exist, and inspiring that people are actually talking about the issues. Today, I wanted to add another item to that list. But I couldn’t, it was nowhere to be found.

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29 11 17


Christ, I hate my job sometimes.

Imagine you’re working on your bike, and suddenly its wheels are super squeaky. Loud enough to be heard from a couple blocks down. You’re not gonna ride around with a squeaky-ass bike, so you set out to find the source of the squeaking and fix it. Turns out, they only make noise when you’re in, say, third gear or something. Even though that doesn’t affect the axes of your wheels at all!

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Every night I stay up later than the last.

Surely this can’t continue like this? There has to come a point where night turns to dawn. Or there would, if the loss of sound mind and body wasn’t an inevitability bound to happen long before that. At the rate we’re traveling, mere human adaptability isn’t sufficient for keeping up.

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27 11 17


Christmas can’t come soon enough.

I briefly mentioned upgrading my home office setup before. Well, all of my sweet new gear has been ordered! Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it all to arrive. And surprise, surprise, that’s the worst part! The monitor should be here sometime next week, the laptop stand a bit earlier probably. The keyboard though? Up to three weeks.

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26 11 17

Adaptable flow

As you jump around from tool to tool, how much of your workflow do you really retain?

I was originally going to write about all the small little details that Chrome actually got right that make moving back to Firefox slightly more painful than it needs to be. And I guess that sort of applies to the real topic here, when one of those details is the way in which backspacing auto-completing URLs works. It’s no longer just two quick presses for my most common edit, it’s three! And that trips me up.

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