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I really should distance myself from the crypto world a little bit more.

It’s not unusual to see the value of Bitcoin rise and fall by many percents throughout the day. There’s a fairly steady upward trend though. As someone who holds a small amount of coin, this is good news. And yet, I can’t help but get frustrated watching it rise and fall. “There’s a dip now! I want to buy more, but don’t have any money.” “It’s climbing! Man, I sure hope it falls back down again so I can buy more when I finally have money.”

Multiple times during the day I check the charts. Not because it prompts me to do anything, but because I want to stay in the know. I’m not sure how healthy that is though, all it gives me is stress. Stress that really shouldn’t be there, because I’m fairly confident strong crypto assets like Bitcoin will continue their upwards climb for quite some time.

This is especially true when you consider the state of the economy as it is right now very, very brittle. Both as a contingency plan and a way to deal with crypto more sanely, I should use it more as a savings account than anything. The 0.05% interest my bank is offering is very easily beat, and just blindly buying 30% of my salary’s worth of crypto every month, at the same time every time, will free me from worries about buying it at an optimal time.

The time will never be as optimal as it was a few years ago. But it also won’t ever be as optimal as it was yesterday.
~ Fang

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