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Terrible tourist

“Do you want to go see the Big Ben and the London Eye?” “Nah, not really.”

I make for a terrible tourist. Countries shouldn’t be bothering letting me in unless I come bearing a worker visa or something. I’m just not all that interested in doing touristy shit. Sure the Big Ben is impressive, but it’s also under construction right now. I guess the London Eye is kinda fun, but it’s really just a ferris wheel isn’t it? Would much rather visit the Natural History Museum.

And so we did! It was actually really interesting. I hadn’t been in a nature museum since my high-school days I think, so this brought me back. They had some really impressive dinosaur skeletons set up for our viewing pleasure. Creatures back then were huge. Don’t think they clarified why we didn’t see many animals as big again after the extinction event. Maybe something to do with scarcity of resources?

We ended up not making it all the way through the museum before they closed, but we got to see most of it. And for the price of exactly zero pounds, I’d totally go back and do it over again sometime. Apparently all museums here in the UK are admission free. That’s really cool!

Actual conference tomorrow, looking forward to all kinds of talks!
~ Fang

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