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Strapped hard

I am the poor man, it is me.

All the legal crap surrounding my contract and getting money to me still hasn’t been fully resolved. This means I’m living on remaining funds. And those are dwindling fast. So fast, in fact, that I had to add another few hundred to the more-than-a-few-hundred I had already loaned from my parents. They save up to have a buffer, and wonderful as they are they’re happy to lend me a hand here, but it’s something I’d much rather not rely on.

That said, it’s totally worth it. I got to enjoy my time in the States, and now I get to fly out to the UK and have some fun there! Well, it’s half a business trip, and my schedule’s fairly packed, but it’ll be great regardless. Can’t wait to get taken for an American, but then arrive back home with a much more British accent.

Anyway, I rise early tomorrow, to make an appearance on a talkshow!
~ Fang

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