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Why can't I hold all these slogans?
< Getting pulled through a dense stream of people, all in some uniform or another, made her acutely aware that she had been in the nude since waking up.

She slowed her pace. Resisted, pulled her arm out of his grip. He ducked into the next corridor, motioned for her to follow. ‘Anything wrong?’ he asked. Before she could prioritize her list of concerns, he pressed. ‘We need to keep going.’
‘No.’ Refusing the follow the flow of events, even just whispering a small act of defiance, it cleared her mind. ‘I want answers.’ As she verbalized the desire, it got fulfilled. Memories flooded back and nearly overwhelmed her. Were all of these… hers?

‘This wasn’t supposed to happen.’ She spoke, locking eyes with the suit.
He nodded. ‘We’ll get you fixed later. For now–’
‘Fixed?’ She slammed a hand against the wall. It left an impression. ‘What do you mean, fixed?’ She had seen it. She had felt it. She had experienced what she had become. ‘You can’t give something like this and then just take it away!’ The metal floor curved up around her feet. No, she was sinking into it. ‘This was supposed to be theirs, too.’ Hysterical, at the verge of angry tears. ‘They sacrificed things, too!’

He wanted to speak up, but she moved a finger up to shush him. The swift movement alone was enough to send him flying backwards, back into the stream of people. Some tumbled over him, the rest managed to stop in time. All eyes on her. Scared eyes, but they already were.
Everything caught her off guard.

‘Lady,’ the man groaned, crawling to his feet. His arm didn’t look right anymore. ‘We got bigger problems. You can take care of yourself.’

What could possibly be a bigger problem? What did all the sleepers sacrifice? Why did none of them share in the Power Juice™? Find out maybe never!
~ Fang


  • 29/10/2017 (11:03 PM)

    “And lo, the suit taketh, and the suit taketh away.” I think that’s in the bible somewhere. Maybe.

    I didn’t expect to see a continuation of this story. I’m digging it. Let’s see some more soon, maybe yeah?

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