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29 10 17

Roughed up

Can’t say I didn’t help the odds stack against me, but what the hell.

Things got pretty windy last night. Storming, almost. Biking home from a good time with friends I had the wind in my back for the most part. The sudden gusts though, they got me good. Pushed me around, and I actually ended up next to the biking path rather than on it. No big deal, I’ll just steer myself back onto it. But that turned out to be a big deal after all.

My wheel couldn’t make it up the path’s side, and next thing I knew I hit my head against the concrete. Alcohol doesn’t help with reaction times, and those are pretty crucial for making elegant falls. Suffice to say this was anything but. My glasses seemed to have taken the brunt of the impact. The frame is quite bent now (though the lenses remain unscratched, lucky!) and left a nice cut just under my eyebrow. Chin got some scratches and my elbow’s banged up. Nothing broken, so could’ve been worse.

Still, I feel kinda beat up. Smashing your head into solid rock can’t be good for the brain. Mild hangover aside I feel mostly fine though, but I do have a strong desire for more sleep. Will crawl into bed early today.

And get these glasses un-crooked tomorrow.
~ Fang

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