Fang Talks

A sharp hiss wakes her. Dazed, she pushes the cover off her capsule and sits herself upright.

Post-slumber amnesia grabs hold. Looking around, she wonders if this was the world she left behind. Hundreds of containers just like her own lined the walls. None of them looked familiar. Not the names on the displays. Not the faces within. Had she remembered it was normal to forget, she might not have panicked. But she had forgotten, albeit temporarily, and so her heart started racing. She wanted out. There was a doorway. Perfect.

Mere seconds after she entered the connected hallway, after her bare feet stepped from a warm plastic to cold metal floor, the door shut behind her. Was it really a door? It seemed more like a barricade, in the way it slid down and made a heavy thud. Sirens blaring in the background confirmed that at least it was serious business.

Ahead of her was a crossing. People came from the left and the front. Both streams flowed to the right. The conformist in her urged her to follow, but the panic and confusion that hadn’t yet subsided layered suspicion over that. Barely any of the people seemed to notice her. Those that did, were they giving her weird looks? She rubbed her eyes, but still couldn’t quite tell.

Just as she decided to step forward, one of the people rushing through the hallway started moving her way. A man in a suit. It seemed slightly too large on him. ‘Did you come out from there?’ He barked the question at her, but didn’t wait for her answer. ‘Unreliable piece of…’ he muttered, before grabbing her by the wrist, dragging her towards and into the stream of people. ‘It’s much too early for you to be here, we’ll have to fix this.’ >

When kept in those capsules, in a slumbering state, people generally don’t wear any clothes.
~ Fang


  • 08/10/2017 (9:11 PM)

    If I put waaaay too much thought into this, I can picture him actually using the terms ‘unreliable piece of’ and ‘early’ and ‘have to fix this’ on her, meaning that she’s actually an AI that was prematurely released.

    Putting aside my overactive imagination, I do really dig this.

  • 08/10/2017 (2:08 AM)

    Maybe the worst part of that situation would be not knowing who the good guys are. Are they worried about your safety or are you a prisoner or something?

    Hopefully, the amnesia doesn’t last every long.

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