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Unconference: where the agenda is yours!

I actually really liked the format they chose for this. We got to write down topics we found interesting or important to discuss today, and then formed loose groups to do just that. Interested in something? Join on in! No longer feel you’re learning anything new? Step out, go join some other group. It kept everything feeling very flexible and informal, while still allowing for us to put some good effort into discussing solutions to problems we’re seeing.

They were all such interesting people, everyone who showed up. All at the forefront of this weird new technology. Not to make a quick buck, but to actually do Good Things with it. We didn’t hear the term ICO (aka “frequently a thinly-veiled cash-grab”) much at all today, which was a nice breath of fresh air compared to what talk about this scene usually consists of.

Looking forward to the conference on Monday, bound to be some good talks!
~ Fang


  • 16/10/2017 (2:19 PM)

    I’m glad that your unconference went well. It sounds like a weird format but if it gets the job done then that’s all that matters.

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