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Got to show my face on a talkshow today!

Granted, it was a talkshow that was shooting only its third official episode, where an improvised intro theme played for the very first time, and held over Google Hangouts. But a talkshow nonetheless! I got to talk a bit about all the stuff I’ve been working on for the Urbit project, the why’s and how’s of it, and put forth encouragement for people to come and participate. Even just hanging in chat is super fun!

It’s cool to be a part of that. Chances are I’ve mentioned this before, but this is another one of those things we can hopefully look back on later and view as oh so humble beginnings. It’s going to be interesting to see (as are so many other things) how Urbit will end up fitting into the larger shift towards decentralization.

The conference I’ll be attending coming Friday and Monday plays into this as well. It’ll revolve around smart contracts, essentially decentralized governance of arbitrary systems. Ironically, these are still very much limited to dumb logic, but who knows what the future of the tech may hold. How can it be used? What are the barriers for it to reach its potential?

We’ll find out. Next time you hear from me, I’m in the UK!
~ Fang


  • 15/10/2017 (8:15 PM)

    So can we see this talk show somewhere? Did they upload it somewhere for streaming, by chance?

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