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04 10 17


As chance would have it, I might just be visiting the UK soon!

My sister’s currently studying abroad, very close to London, and I figured it might be nice to go over and visit her for a few days. Next weekend, there’s a conference in London dedicated to blockchains, smart contracts, and their role in and impact on the world in the near future, and I figured it might be nice to check out and give our company some presence there. But all of that costs money, which is exactly what I’m strapped for right now.

But hey, if I’m going to the conference and spreading the gospel of Urbit, maybe Tlon can help fund that adventure? It’s tricky though, I’m not fully employed yet, we’re still working on a way to get money to me. We know where to go with it, and it’s in the works. It’s all legal stuff though, so it takes hella time.

About a week to arrange all that feels like really short notice, but on the other hand that also makes this more fun? I’ll actually get to travel for work (the dream!) and gain experience in “just winging it”, which is bound to end with good stories.

We’ll see. Fingers crossed!
~ Fang

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