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09 10 17

Monotone world

In which I push against popular (neo-)liberal ideas.

Or, I would, if I wasn’t so tired of Faceberg pushing its awful agenda. This stuff drains the life from me, I tell you. Apparently “the sunshine of sharing our intimate details will disinfect the moral mess of our lives” (src). So rather than people holding onto their own values and opinions within their own communities, we’ll all just judge each other into submission to whatever the moral hivemind demands. Can you imagine going to work, because you need money for food, but the entire company ostracizing you for this one thing you disagree on?

And the internet enables this to be a widespread thing, with one single vision. Everyone on earth, trying to live under the same socially governing structure. That’s pretty bad, eh? Definitely not a world I’d want to live in. I’d like to retain a sense of individualism, thank you very much. Alas, that’s already in decline. Some viewpoints are no longer safe to argue, and will get your face pointed for merely uttering them in an attempt to start a civil debate.

I used to not feel strongly about big alliances with central authorities. Maybe that’s shifting towards a mild dislike. Small, self-governing communities seem much better.
~ Fang

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