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Earlier this year, Duolingo finally put their Japanese for English speakers course into beta. A much-awaited release, of course, bringing hordes of weebs into its community. That’s cool though, people are eager to learn. And so am I! There’s an unrelated audio-based course I had followed in the past, but stopped with that due to my weird schedule while I was in San Francisco. Haven’t picked it back up since. But textual learning seems fun still! It’s more directly applicable to my interactions with the language anyway.

But, well, the alphabet. I’m still stuck learning the sixty-something Hiragana characters, the basic alphabet. And I know them all, just not well enough. I’d like to be able to read them faster and more consistently correct before moving on, but that’s holding me back. Perhaps forcing myself to move on will accelerate that process. On the other hand, Duolingo continuous its course by throwing a second alphabet at you!

Katakana’s characters seem simpler, and apparently all match with a Hiragana character… but it’s still daunting.
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  • 20/10/2017 (2:25 PM)

    The Japanese alphabet is very confusing. So good luck with that one. The language itself proved too confusing for me. I tried on three separate occasions and gave up all three times. I don’t have the patience for learning another language. Or the capabilities.

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