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Do it often enough and you’ll never really forget.

Partially due to a sub-par desk setup, partially due to the bad habit of not getting off my ass often enough, I find my RSI slowly returning to me. This reminded me that I tried learning the Dvorak keyboard layout once. Maybe I should get back to that. I got pretty far when I did, but never came even close to the “fluency” I have on Qwerty.

Loaded up the Dvorak trainer I used. Lo and behold, there was actually some muscle memory there! Typing from the home row felt fairly instinctual after only a little bit of warm-up. Other rows of keys, not so much, but I can definitely tell I practices that for a little while. Funny how the practice itself is only barely a memory, while my muscles are quick to turn “type this letter” into a specific movement.

Who knows, maybe I will try and pick this up again. The Programmer Dvorak layout seems like it’d be good for doing Urbit programming too.
~ Fang

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