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06 10 17


Because users don’t want to be fooled twice.

It happened only once. Exactly once, but it was more than enough. I had written a way too long comment on someones blog post. A Blogger blog, if I recall correctly. Because it had Google’s comment form and, you know, that standard Blogger layout. And that bright-blue “Publish” button I used to submit the essay. And then the comments again. Without mine. And not a warning or error in sight.

Had it not eaten my comment that one faithful day, I might not have been counter-conditioned into pointless user behavior. You see, that event left me so traumatized, I instantly developed the irrational fear of it happening again. Now whenever I’m about to publish a comment, religiously, I select all and copy, just in case my texts find themselves banished to the shadow realm.

Never again, I mutter, and mutter again.
~ Fang


  • 09/10/2017 (1:06 PM)

    I’m actually with you on that. It’s happened to more several times. It tends to happen not long after I forget the trauma and forget to copy and paste.

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