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Be mindful of who you bare your fangs at, son.
06 10 17


Because users don’t want to be fooled twice.

It happened only once. Exactly once, but it was more than enough. I had written a way too long comment on someones blog post. A Blogger blog, if I recall correctly. Because it had Google’s comment form and, you know, that standard Blogger layout. And that bright-blue “Publish” button I used to submit the essay. And then the comments again. Without mine. And not a warning or error in sight.

Had it not eaten my comment that one faithful day, I might not have been counter-conditioned into pointless user behavior. You see, that event left me so traumatized, I instantly developed the irrational fear of it happening again. Now whenever I’m about to publish a comment, religiously, I select all and copy, just in case my texts find themselves banished to the shadow realm.

Never again, I mutter, and mutter again.
~ Fang


  • 09/10/2017 (1:06 PM)

    I’m actually with you on that. It’s happened to more several times. It tends to happen not long after I forget the trauma and forget to copy and paste.

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