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The fuck is this?
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Traveling for more than a few short hours at a time is really killer for me.

After closing off my time in the UK with a few good beers at the pub I had to prepare for an early rise. My flight departed at eleven something, but just getting to the airport alone from my hotel took about an hour, and then we haven’t even made it through security yet. The flight itself isn’t that bad, under an hour even, but everything surrounding it turns it into a very long sit.

On the other hand, a low-energy day makes for a good opportunity to do some reflection. Some really exciting things have been going on in and around my head the past days, and it’s important to permanently archive all of that after brushing off that glossy layer of event-fueled hype. More seriously though, I want to figure out at what timescale all of this succeeds, and what parts of it never will.

Like I touched on yesterday though, one thing is certain: there’s no stopping the push for decentralization.
~ Fang

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