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I’m so hype for Urbit development right now.

Yes, writing the constitution smart contracts is fun, and it’s great to see “new talk” being almost ready for live. Even better though, is building cool shit on top of that. We discussed some fun possibilities today, and we’re all looking at a particularly useful application. Having even just a prototype of that would be amazing. But… I think we may be able to ship practically the full thing in only a few days.

This “new talk” aka “hall” thing forms a generic enough foundation that does generic enough heavy lifting that many different applications can make use of it. And this is no exception. This would be the first production-level application made with hall, which would make it extra cool if we could just suddenly put something big out there.

Interestingly, I only just now realized that the only reason we can have “only a few standardized things for everything” as a thing we’re achieving is because we have a network of technically equal nodes, all with the same capabilities and tasks. Easy to build useful standards when everyone’s trying to do the same things.

I mean, I don’t promise anything, but this could become super good.
~ Fang

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