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All aboard

Today is a glorious day, for I have bought my parents some Bitcoin.

After hearing me talk about Bitcoin perhaps a little too much recently, my folks finally caved in and asked me to buy some Bitcoin for them. Managed to throw some of their money at the exchange fairly shortly before the price started rising again, so these proud new owners are already in the green. Exciting!

Of course they’re not dumping all of their savings in. It’s a modest investment, but an investment nonetheless. Anything is better than nothing at this point. I’m just happy to rest easy that if the economy as we know it collapses tomorrow, they’ll at least have some worthwhile currency to their name.

And now we play the waiting game. Shout incrementally higher numbers across the house every now and then, probably answer some more questions as they arise. You know, the usual. We’re not changing worlds here, at least not instantly. But at least now there’s more people on board. At least there’s a little bit more momentum.

Remember, you’re not running a loss until you sell.
~ Fang

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