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Despite being borderline sick, I went out to an amusement park for their Halloween event.

And what a surprise, it was a great time! I’ll have to do a separate post on the absurdity of amusement parks, but for now I’ll tell you this: paying money to get to cut in line in a tiered manner is an insane business model. What really made that a necessity though, is the amount of people that come to check out their spooky theming. They had the different areas decorated slightly differently, and after the clock struck six they let people in monstrous costumes roam sections of the park to spook visitors.

But aside from one small area that had demons, it was mostly just zombies? Sure, not just regular zombies, but also zombie pirates and… zombie game characters. Some of them might have represented ghosts instead, but they all had a fairly consistent “x with dead-ish skin/wounds and weird movement” thing going on. And aside from the occasional lurking, most of the real screams came from jump scares.

Of course, within the confines of an amusement park, there isn’t all that much the actors can do. Still, I’m sad to see other brands of horror so underrepresented. I thought existential and societal horror were gaining some foothold within the mainstream recently, but apparently not enough for people to want to experience it voluntarily.

I wonder if a park could accomplish the kind of extensive setup that’s required to make more psychological scares work.
~ Fang

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