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The Plan
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I really want to write a review for Humanity Has Declined, but I just don’t have that much to say about it.

One thing I can really praise it for though, is the atmosphere it manages to create. I’m honestly still not sure whether this is in spite or, or precisely because of its absurdity. Imagine a distant future in which the human population has rapidly declined in size. Only few still know how to upkeep of technological commodities. All others have reverted to what appears to be the middle-ages. A new race of highly intelligent, highly capable, highly unpredictable and highly child-like creatures is set to replace mankind: Fairies.

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Repeat, later

In my journey to study what has scientifically been proven(!) to be the hardest language, I’ve been reading a lot about studying efficiently.

As most of us might recall from our glory days in high-school, studying for a test by continuously hammering the material into your head is great for passing the test the very next day. For long term recall though, not so much. To really get things to stick, you get better results if you take huge breaks in between repetitions.

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Roughed up

Can’t say I didn’t help the odds stack against me, but what the hell.

Things got pretty windy last night. Storming, almost. Biking home from a good time with friends I had the wind in my back for the most part. The sudden gusts though, they got me good. Pushed me around, and I actually ended up next to the biking path rather than on it. No big deal, I’ll just steer myself back onto it. But that turned out to be a big deal after all.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

And, well… I guess that’s true, if you don’t know how it works. You can make things sound real arcane if you word them interestingly enough. We can summon items to be delivered to our doors by flying fairies. We communicate across the world using an alternate dimension where distances are many times shorter. Not to mention the infinite wisdom that same plane of existence allows our people to posses.

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Build and apply

I’m so hype for Urbit development right now.

Yes, writing the constitution smart contracts is fun, and it’s great to see “new talk” being almost ready for live. Even better though, is building cool shit on top of that. We discussed some fun possibilities today, and we’re all looking at a particularly useful application. Having even just a prototype of that would be amazing. But… I think we may be able to ship practically the full thing in only a few days.

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