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09 09 17


The wedding party last night was actually fun!

It was a much better one than the party at a relative’s wedding, but maybe that’s just because I knew people here. Regardless the reason, we had a blast. The newlyweds were cute, the DJ was only half tacky and the open bar was amazing. Yes, open bar. Yes, we still had an afterparty past midnight. We didn’t actually get home that late though, everyone was pretty tired out by 2 am.

Sadly it’s a rare treat these days to see pretty much the entire group of friends together in one place, but that made it all the more wonderful a thing to experience. Magical things happen with our powers combined, I feel like everyone helps the group as a whole become more rounded, balanced.

Jokes were made about who the next to marry would be. It’s probably going to be a while, but we’re already looking forward to it!
~ Fang

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