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Oh, Comely
06 09 17


Sometimes I like to think consumers still have a say in things.

And for most things, that’s probably at least partially right. But then there’s the nasty trends and lack of focus on consumer wishes. Phones are getting thinner, staying fragile, and battery life remains relatively stale. Not to mention, the headphone jack is being taken away from us. Sure, vote with your wallet, yadda yadda, but if people continue to stick to brands they know, that limits their voting options. Unless… you vote by rebellion.

Some time ago, a guy posted a video to YouTube on how he spent inordinate amounts of time gathering parts and getting them to work together to — get this — build his own iPhone. Expensive gear and time-consuming assembly aside, the parts ended up cheaper than the entire phone.

And then this week, he posted this video. He added a headphone jack back into a modern iPhone. “It’s gone because the phone got thinner” they said. “We need the space it took up” they said. Nothing could be less true, and this people’s hero managed to prove it.

This guy’s an inspiration, and he documents his work so well!
~ Fang

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