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12 09 17

Public figure

The way some things are going, being one seems like more and more of a nightmare to me.

How do people live, when they have to dedicate all of their being to fitting inside of an increasingly narrow Overton window? To double-check every single message they type, every single thing they say. The people are always watching, listening, ready to strike whenever they get the chance to point out something that’s even the tiniest bit off.

Of course, I certainly do hope people can still discuss things normally with friends and family, and I wouldn’t be surprised if online anonymity is a very welcome outlet to a lot of people who otherwise don’t have one. Still, I feel like we need to stop giving public figures shit over mundane things.

People will treat others as they see others being treated, so let’s make sure we don’t push that in a ridiculous direction.
~ Fang


  • 13/09/2017 (2:03 PM)

    I was thinking about this today, as our online news focused like a laser on a “like” of a US Senator (or his staffer) on twitter.

    Twitter has to be the worst for public figures. People are just horrible on there. I mean, around-the-bend cruel and horrible.

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