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24 09 17

Nowhere near old

I’m so happy I’m not in my forties already.

It’s not at all unlikely that we’ll see technological changes and impacts of unprecedented scale within our lifetimes. …Assuming “we” will live for like fifty more years. That’s a good margin to maintain, for both waiting on things to happen, and taking your sweet time watching them play out. After all, what’s the point of living in the future if you’re dead the very next day?

Taking into account the fact that people are living longer on average (hurray for taking care of the cripplingly elderly), I’m fairly confident I’ll live to see days very, very different from the ones I’m living now. Gone will be the days of traditional currency, traffic jams and phone calls. We’ll get crypto, self-driving cars and neural augmentation instead!

The predictions are weird, bordering on the absurdist even. What’s just as strange though, is that they’re all but guaranteed to happen.
~ Fang

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