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It’s fascinating, watching eSports for a game you can yourself only barely play.

This applies to most games where there’s only very little off-screen info, but I’m talking about Rocket League in particular. I played it for a little while when it was still only on Windows and some consoles. Now that it’s been released for macOS, I’m getting back into it. It’s a very fun game (who doesn’t get excited at the idea of crazy RC cars doing soccer), but the skill ceiling feels pretty high.

That’s really it though. Aside from the relatively shallow strategic depth which we also know from traditional soccer, it’s all in being able to handle your car well enough to set up and execute the cool plays. That makes viewing the game’s eSports scene very accessible, since there’s no moments where you just sit there and ask yourself what the hell is actually going on.

And the players there, at the top of the ladder? They’re insane. Very nimble, very accurate. Comparing that to my own play experience is weird. The one is idiots flinging themselves at the ball and hoping for the best, the other is pilots guiding a projectile wherever they so choose.

Shit, now I want to try and get better… This can’t end well.
~ Fang

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