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too old for this shit

I’m only just now starting to realize how much I missed chatting online with people while I was away.

While I had plenty of in-front-of-the-screen-time in the states, I was very much slacking in the chat department. I’d look over every now and then, but I didn’t engage as much or as actively as I did back home. There was a seemingly better alternative right in front of me, after all: I could speak to people face to face.

And it was great! Never before had I had the opportunity to talk to people with such a closely matching interest in IT. Definitely a very cool experience, and I do certainly miss that. But I’m also really happy to hang on chat more again, interacting with people textually. Enjoyment of those two isn’t mutually exclusive, I suppose.

Perhaps it’s less about the thing you’re actually doing, and more about just communicating with people in whatever way. Or maybe we’ve just become good enough at emphasizing with people through different media to the point where the difference is becoming negligible.

There’s one thing you can’t really responsibly do in real life though: shitpost.
~ Fang


  • 25/09/2017 (2:27 PM)

    Hey I’ve heard some people speak and you can definitely shitpost in real life. Suggesting you can’t is an affront to the mighty Kek.

  • 24/09/2017 (9:32 PM)

    Wait, wait, wait. Of course you can shitpost IRL. Who amongst us hasn’t sung the anthem of Kekistan to our friends? Or proclaimed, at dinner, that jet fuel can’t melt greenbeans? Or quoted something from Rick and Morty like wub-a-lub-dub-dub or get schwifty in everyday conversation?

    All praise to Kek.

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