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07 09 17

It’s a start

Remember that arduous “roll your own blog” thing I was going to do?

I’ve made some sort of a start on it! Not a single line of code has been written to disk yet, but I did lay some of the groundwork. Storage format ideation, documenting scope, listing tasks. I looked into my options for languages and tooling, and I’m probably going to go with Lua for the simple reason that it’s fun and easy to write in.

I briefly considered Urbit, but I wouldn’t be able to get the thing I want to do done in nearly as short a timespan, and it still has a few other quirks that put me off using it as my publishing platform of choice. Once I’ve settled again though, I’ll have plenty of time to design a port of the new system to Urbit’s stack. That’s definitely where the endgame lies.

For now, the ball is rolling. Let’s see how quickly it ends up somewhere.
~ Fang


  • 08/09/2017 (11:47 AM)

    Coding is where the real work begins. Sounds like an interesting project you’re putting together. It’ll be fun to see the results.

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